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At the Monroe-Brown Foundation, we understand the pivotal role college scholarships and internships play in the success of students, businesses, and the local economy. That’s why we strive to not only help all those pursuing higher education maximize their potential, but also encourage these same individuals to build meaningful careers right here in Kalamazoo.


Learn beyond textbooks. Get hands-on experience in your field of study. Discover new skills. Meet new people. Beef up your resume. Stand out from the competition. Find your passion, your calling or what you simply love to do. Land a great job in a great place to work, play and live.

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Have questions? Discover the nuts and bolts of our scholarship and internship program—aka how it works and how it could work for you. We’re heavily invested in equipping the students of today for the jobs of tomorrow. So go ahead, take the next step and learn more about our program.



The Monroe-Brown Foundation strives to seed the minds and hearts of young scholars and future professionals, so together, students, employers and other key stakeholders can help Kalamazoo continue to thrive. We believe in creating equal access to achieve this collective goal. As such, our vision statement reads: “Opportunities for education and skills development are available to all people so they can improve their lives and enrich their communities.”

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Whether you’re a student hoping to gain real-world knowledge or an employer seeking to give the workers and leaders of tomorrow a trial run, we can help. Feel free to reach out to us. We welcome your questions and comments.

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