Vision For the Future

Our vision statement reads:

“Opportunities for education and skills development are available to all people so they can improve their lives and enrich their communities.”

Our Story

The Monroe-Brown Foundation is a memorial honoring the lives of Albertine Monroe Brown and Robert Judson Brown, both of whom were deeply committed to the importance of education.  They dedicated their lives to the belief that no inquisitive mind should be wasted, and that motivated students should been encouraged and assisted to reach their maximum potential.  Married in 1935, Albertine and Robert thad three children: Gail, Robert and Jane.  All have been trustees since the Foundation’s inception.

Our History

In December 31,1986, the Monroe-Brown Foundation was established for the purpose of promoting higher education for Michigan students. The Foundation has provided major support for the Kalamazoo Area Math & Science Center, Excellence in Education, Kalamazoo College,University of Michigan, Kalamazoo Valley Community College, and Western Michigan University. Since its formation, more than $8 million has been contributed to higher education causes.

Our Mission

The Monroe-Brown Foundation is dedicated to bettering lives and strengthening the community by providing opportunities for education and skills development.  We strive to seed the minds and hearts of young scholars and future professionals, so together, students, employers and other key stakeholders can help Kalamazoo continue to thrive.  We believe in creating equal access to achieve this collective goal.

Our Trustees

The Monroe-Brown Trustees are committed to continuing the legacy started in memory of Albertine Monroe Brown and Robert Judson Brown.  Rooted in a deep importance of family, all trustees want to continue to positively impact the Kalamazoo are a community by providing opportunities for education and skills development.

FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Peter Todd, Owen Brown, Margarit Webb, Bobby Webb, Teddy Webb, Avery Todd, Jane Todd

SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Brown Jr., Kevin Webb, Alice Webb, Kara Todd, Caroline Brown, Maggie Brown, Susan Brown

THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Cathy Todd, Catherine Webb, Mel Brown, Marisa Brown, Fritz Brown

BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT:  AJ Todd, Beth Todd, Bob Brown, Eric Todd, John Todd, Steve Todd